Learn how to use Elephant in a few minutes

Elephant, the most complete project management tool
Duration: 2:48

Tutorial: Creating a project
Duration: 1:10

Tutorial: User management
Duration: 2:17

Tutorial: Creating work tasks manually
Duration: 3:06

Tutorial: Creating work tasks imported from an excel file
Duration: 1:35

Tutorial: Progress entry
Duration: 1:38

Tutorial: Work schedule
Duration: 1:41

Tutorial: Estimates
Duration: 2:22

Tutorial: Change orders
Duration: 1:43

Tutorial: Document manager
Duration: 2:33

Tutorial: Photo manager
Duration: 1:56

Tutorial: Daily report
Duration: 1:50

Tutorial: Mobile APP
Duration: 3:10

Tutorial: Internal communication
Duration: 1:53

Tutorial: Dashboard management
Duration: 1:10

Tutorial: Multiproject management
Duration: 2:40

Tutorial: Reports
Duration: 3:22