Plans and Pricing

Premium Custom


Create, update and manage georeferenced projects from anywhere (with internet access)


Assign the project’s work activities by inputting them into an Excel sheet


Report current progress from a mobile device and browse physical, financial and time advances in real time from the mobile device or web page


Geo-referenced photos associated with each activity


Online file manager. Enter, browse, and download documents

Work schedule

Visualization and monitoring through a work scheduling Gantt diagram and comparison of the reported progress

Daily Report

Daily log and real-time query from mobile device or web page


Generation of payment estimates for the selected period

Business Intelligence Graphs

Statistical graphs for physical, financial and time advances control


Generation of customized automatic reports, exportable to different formats

Internal communication

Messaging and alert system between the different parties involved in the work

Multiproject management

Group projects, to visualize their global or individual behavior, in terms of their physical, financial and time advances


User assignment with different access levels


Request for system modifications according to need