Manage projects and supervise tasks remotely.

Elephant app will allow you to remotely control one or multiple projects simultaneously, with immediate updates, to ensure that each of the activities is completed in time and with the expected quality.

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*System requirements: Google Chrome

Time and Resource Optimization

Elephant reduces the need to visit field activities frequently, resulting in time optimization and reduction of human and financial resources.

  • Access your projects anytime, anywhere
  • Georeferenced data and photos on a map
  • View information by search filters
  • Statistical graphs of physical, financial and time advances
  • Information updated instantly
  • Custom reports, exportable in PDF
  • Users with different access levels
  • Customization according to customer requirements

Better decision making

The information entered in the field can be instantly consulted from any computer or mobile device by the different parties involved, which allows better decisions to be made at the right time.

Elephant - Statistical graphs of physical, financial and time advances of your projects.

Unlimited access.

All the information related to your company's projects available online anytime and anywhere. This allows SEO to manage projects, supervise activities and make decisions, guaranteeing a high degree of efficiency and reliability.

Transparency & Backup Data

Each progress recorded in the system is backed up with georeferenced information and photographs, with the exact date and time they were taken, ensuring reliable and unaltered information for project management.

Elephant - Georeferenced information and photographs on a map.