FAQs - Elephant app.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the type of Project you would like to manage does not matter.
There are predefined packages whose costs depend on the needed functions, number of users, and required storage space. If you need to develop additional functions, please request a quote.
It can manage all of the projects the client wants. There are predefined packages per managed project, which depend on the number of users and the storage space required.
Yes, it can define a different role for each user depending on their role within the project.
No, it is not necessary to install a program on your computer. However, it is necessary to download and install the input and browsing applications to the telephone or tablet that will be used in the field.
The system has unlimited document and photo managers. The available storage space depends on the package contracted.
Any type of document can be stored.
It allows communication between the users assigned to the project through messages that have a determined priority, date, and time of response. You can select the recipients that are part of that message or subject and are part of the tracking. The system automatically sends alerts to the message recipient if he or she does not respond by the set deadline. Messages can include attachments. The system saves messages grouped by conversations.
It allows the generation of automatic reports. The reports can be designed by the user according to his or her needs.
The information entered in the field is saved in the device until there is an internet connection, at which time it is sent to the server.
The system has been developed entirely by Gisystems, so you can add any additional desired function.
Payments are made online through a website in order to provide greater security to the customer. They must be completed during the first 5 days of each month.
To finalize a project, the person who has the required authorizations must change the status of their project from "in execution" to "finished".
There are two ways to lengthen a project: Through a change document or by indicating in the "payment packages", how much longer the project will continue.
The client has the option to download the information at any time. If you want to keep the information once the project is finished, you must pay a monthly fee based on the storage space used.
From the App Store or the Play Store you can search the application as Elephant or as Gisystems. Once downloaded it is necessary to enter the access credentials to be able to use it.

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