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The most complete tool for project management

Our solutions are based on a web consulting system that feeds from mobile devices in the field. These processes allow the user to have total control over an unlimited number of projects (physical advances, finances, photographs, online logs, and internal messaging among others), giving the user the opportunity to optimize schedules, and material and human resources.

Elephant - Gestiona proyectos desde ordenadores, tablets y móviles

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*System requirements: Google Chrome

Unlimited accesibility

All information related to multiple company projects is available on a single website and can be accessed from any place in the world through a personal computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access, which allows management to oversee projects and make decisions, guaranteeing a high grade of efficiency and reliability.

Elephant - Access your projects anywhere you are

Personalization according to client requirements

Information updated in real time

Accesibility from anywhere the user is located

Ability to view documents and photographs using a geo-referenced map

Browse information by filters or search parameters

Statistical analysis charts on the physical, financial, and time progress of the projects

Generation of personalized reports that can be exported to Word, Excel, or PDF

Access to the information according to designated user access agreement levels

Guaranteed backup

Each input registered in the system is supported with photographs geo-referenced with the exact date and hour in which they were taken, in addition to the alphanumeric information you wish to enter, ensuring you have reliable and unaltered information.

Elephant - Project Management app for quality control assurance